Find the Perfect Spot to Work from Anywhere with Coffee Radar – Building In Public!

Hey everyone!

As a coffee lover and a remote worker, I know how important it is for some of you to find the perfect coffee shop to work from. Roughly a year ago, one idea came to mind. Why not building a website dedicated to this? So maybe every time we’re in a new city we can easily find the best possible spots right away? Unfortunately, Google Maps isn’t always enough, and it’s not an app tailored for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers.

That’s why I’m working hard to build Coffee Radar, a free website that helps you discover the best coffee shops to work from anywhere.

I know this isn’t a 100% original idea. There are other apps out there that do this on some level. But I created my own for a couple of reasons, and my goal with Coffee Radar is not to build the “next big thing”:

  • The existing solutions IMO aren’t enough, and despite their websites/apps have some good ideas, they also always lack something.
  • I’m a web developer and designer besides a coffee enthusiast. Building highly customized websites is my full time job since 2017. I believe my professional experience can help me create a better UX for you.
  • Multiple baristas I talked to complained at some level about some existing semi-popular apps.

So as a solo creator, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this project for the past 7 months (I started working on it in August 2022).

With Coffee Radar, you can find the perfect spot to work from, no matter where you are. The website will include filters like: coffee quality (specific per drink, e.g. Espresso Rate, Cappuccino rate, etc), wifi speed, size of the café, electrical plugs availability, milk availability (if you want to find a place with that specific milk type you will be able to do it!) and more.

It’s a website for both coffee lovers and digital nomads and remote workers. And it’s 100% free.

I’m trying to build this website in public, so you can follow along with me as I create it. You can check this blog for new upcoming features, or if you’d like, subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

I’ll go live on YouTube and write some updates here as well. I have never built something in public, but my hope is to get your feedback and understand how to do it decently 🙂

At the very start of this journey, I streamed live on Twitch, before deciding to focus only on YouTube. I took a break for some months to work on the most complex part of the app (the backend). Now I’m ready to live stream again.

I’m excited to share this journey with all of you!

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