Coffee Radar 1.0.3: the US, Accuracy, and Stability Expansion

It’s time for a new update! Over the past month I’ve slowly deployed some fixes and additions to the website. Here’s a summary of the updates for Coffee Radar 1.0.3!

Fixes and improvments

  • Improved automatic location processing for Single Café listings. I’ve created a specific address format for Coffee Radar.
  • Minor style improvements for Single Café pages. Breadcrumbs, a part of typography, and other minor elements.
  • Added links to easily view more images of a café on Google maps.
  • Added brief animation on address component, to hint interactivity, in Single Cafès.
  • Some SEO optimization, mainly automatic meta titles and descriptions, which change depending on the café and its location.
  • Improved site intro description, and implemented a dynamic café counter on the homepage.
  • Implemented context for location nav component in search results. Depending on the type of search, the nav component will change into the city name, the country, the district, or the address of the place.
  • Added support for user photo upload. Now you can add your own photo of a place, which may be used as the main café picture.
  • Fixed: double results in search results
  • Improved performance, with caching, assets minification, optimized images, and more. Added main background color of image as placeholder during loading.
  • Fixed: 4 level of location for United States and similar countries: Continent > Country > Single State > City.
  • Improved name of the City accuracy. By default geocoding APIs often provide inaccurate city names.
  • Improved single location template, for example, New York City, or at a country level, Thailand. And added a basic sorting option in this screen.


As always, if you want to contribute to expanding the list, you can do it here at this link, you can add cafés you’ve been to, regardless of their location.

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