The Family Coffee Roasters

Bulevard 6-ti septemvri 125, 4000, Plovdiv - Bulgaria 🇧🇬
🍰 Homemade Bakery Goods
💫 Wide Bean Selection
Different Coffee Blends
Fast Wifi
Laptop Friendly
Vegan Milk

What People Say

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An extraordinary cappuccino, often praised as the best in Plovdiv, stands out for its balanced flavor and creamy texture. The flat white, made with Honduras beans, is noted for its full-bodied, slightly acidic profile, and the Aeropress with Costa Rica beans has garnered attention for its tropical fruit and citrus notes, even retaining its flavor when cold.

The atmosphere is described as cozy and modern, with friendly and knowledgeable baristas who have a professional approach to coffee making. The interior design includes charming details like tables made from old sewing machines, contributing to a comfortable and inviting environment. Background music and beautiful decor add to the enjoyable vibe.

While the place can get crowded, especially around 10 AM, it remains a favorite among locals and visitors alike. There is ample seating both inside and on the terrace, which offers a pleasant view and is equipped with convenient chairs.

Ideal for remote work, the café provides a suitable environment with comfortable seating and a generally strong Wi-Fi connection, though it may slow down during peak hours. Non-dairy milk options such as oat, almond, and soy are available, catering to various dietary preferences.

The menu also includes a variety of coffee blends and specialty drinks, like the lotus cappuccino, and a selection of baked goods including recommended banana bread and croissants. The café is self-service, and offers additional items like Fritz-kola and mango tea.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
  • 5
Filtered Coffee
Other Coffee Drinks
Milk Availability
Regular Milk

Location Info

Coffee House Size
Medium - 9 to 20 seats
Baristas Friendliness

Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
Not enough data.
Wifi Auth Method
Not enough data.
Area Avg Internet Speed
95.6 Mbps
General Wifi Speed
Not enough data.

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