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Balboa St 1737, 94121-3128, San Francisco - United States 🇺🇸
🍰 Homemade Bakery Goods
💫 Wide Bean Selection
Different Coffee Blends
Fast Wifi
Laptop Friendly

What People Say

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The café offers excellent coffee at reasonable prices, featuring signature drinks like vanilla rosemary latte, espresso tonic, and cocoa cappuccino. Coffee lovers can also enjoy a tasting flight including espresso, cortado, and drip coffee, with an emphasis on high-quality beans and expert preparation. Their house blend and latte are also well-received, though the former might be a bit acidic for some.

The café is known for its professional and friendly staff, who are quick and efficient. Customers appreciate the warm welcome they receive and the baristas’ knowledge about their craft. The environment is modern, clean, and bright. While the space can be small and crowded at peak times, there is usually enough seating to comfortably enjoy your coffee.

This spot has a positive ambiance and is ideal for enjoying a coffee rather than working as the seating can be limited and music a bit loud. Specialty items like the earl grey cascara seasonal special and cocoa-dusted drinks add to the uniqueness of the menu.

Additionally, the pain au chocolat has been highlighted for its excellence, and customers recommend trying it with their coffee. The café excels in providing a welcoming environment for both regulars and new visitors alike, making it a beloved spot to enjoy well-crafted beverages.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
  • 5
Filtered Coffee
Other Coffee Drinks
Milk Availability
Regular Milk

Location Info

Coffee House Size
Medium - 9 to 20 seats
Baristas Friendliness

Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
Not enough data.
Wifi Auth Method
Not enough data.
Area Avg Internet Speed
177.08 Mbps
General Wifi Speed
Not enough data.

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