Phil Coffee

Sukhumvit 51 65/1, 10110, Bangkok - Thailand 🇹🇭
💫 Wide Bean Selection
Different Coffee Blends
Fast Wifi
Laptop Friendly
Vegan Milk

What People Say

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This café offers a variety of coffee beans from different origins, catering to those who appreciate high-quality coffee. They serve a selection of coffee beverages including cappuccino, flat white, pour over with Ethiopia Konga beans, and unique options like the Lady in Black and Lychee Cold Brew. The café also provides non-coffee drinks such as Chai latte and Thai Milk Tea, with options for oat milk, soy milk, and almond milk.

The environment is quiet and relaxing, making it a suitable place for those looking to work on their laptops. The Wi-Fi connection is reported to be fast, and the seating is comfortable with a few tables available. However, the space is not very large, so it might not be ideal for social gatherings. The café can get crowded at times, particularly with people working or holding meetings, but this generally does not affect the calm atmosphere.

For those interested in sweets, the café offers croissants, waffles with matcha ice cream, and lemon cake. Some items, like the Chai latte, are available without added sugar. The service is generally good, though it can be slow at times. The prices are reasonable and there are promotions such as a coffee and croissant deal available until 11 am.

The quality of the coffee is frequently praised, with drinks like the black URSO blend and the Hummingbird V60 hand drip coffee receiving positive feedback for their rich flavors. The flat white and cappuccino are also noted for their smoothness and balanced taste, making this café a favorite for many coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
  • 5
Filtered Coffee
  • 5
Other Coffee Drinks
Milk Availability
Regular Milk

Location Info

Coffee House Size
Medium - 9 to 20 seats
Baristas Friendliness

Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
Some available outlets
Wifi Auth Method
Area Avg Internet Speed
77.53 Mbps
General Wifi Speed

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