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Imperial Ave 2551, 92102-3918, San Diego - United States 🇺🇸
💫 Wide Bean Selection
Different Coffee Blends
No work: enjoy the coffee
Vegan Options

What People Say

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The coffee shop offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a handcrafted coffee drink while listening to well-curated music. The coffee highball and pour-over are highly recommended for their quality and taste. The avocado toast, often paired with tin fish from Fishwife, is a frequent favorite among patrons.

The space is cozy with a minimalist touch, featuring excellent natural light and a high-quality sound system that contributes to the overall ambiance. It’s well-suited for those looking to work remotely or simply relax with friends. The café is not typically crowded, making it an ideal spot to unwind.

The café has a diverse menu, including Japanese-style snacks such as nori-ten and unique drinks like the jazz cat and coconut chai tea. The attention to detail is evident in both the food and drinks, all of which are meticulously crafted from scratch.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
Filtered Coffee
  • 4.5
Other Coffee Drinks
  • 4.5
Milk Availability
Regular Milk

Location Info

Coffee House Size
Medium - 9 to 20 seats
Baristas Friendliness

Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
No outlets
Wifi Auth Method
Area Avg Internet Speed
177.08 Mbps
General Wifi Speed
Not enough data.

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