La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Beach St 171, 02111-2808, Boston - United States 🇺🇸
🍰 Homemade Bakery Goods
Different Coffee Blends
No work: enjoy the coffee
Vegan Milk

What People Say

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The café features various unique coffee signature drinks, including highly-rated options like the nitro cold brew and the black and tan—a creative mix of draft latte and nitro cold brew. The cold brews are noted for their creaminess and smooth flavor, with some options available on tap, such as the nitro latte and flash cooled cold brew. Additionally, it offers a variety of traditional coffee beverages like cappuccinos and espressos, praised for their rich and smooth taste.

The spacious seating area provides a comfortable environment for those who prefer to sit and enjoy their coffee. It’s a good spot for remote work, with decent seating options available, although some find the ambience a bit noisy for focused tasks. However, no mention of Wi-Fi or electrical plugs was made, so there might be limitations for extended work sessions.

The menu includes a wide range of baked goods, like ham and cheese croissants and cafe Madeleine’s pain au chocolat, although there were no specific mentions of sugar-free sweets. Sparkling and still water are available at self-serve faucets, adding a convenient touch for patrons.

Service at the café is generally described as friendly and efficient, with staff known to attend to customers promptly. While the café can get busy, it tends not to be overly crowded, making it a pleasant place to visit without long wait times.

Lastly, the quality of the coffee is consistently praised. The draft latte, cortado, and various cold brew options are particularly well-regarded, ensuring a satisfying coffee experience. The cozy interior design and large windows contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a quick coffee break.

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