Gumption Coffee

W 45th St 110, 10036, New York - United States 🇺🇸
Different Coffee Blends
Fast Wifi
Laptop Friendly
Vegan Milk

What People Say

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The coffee shop boasts quick and friendly service, with baristas that create a welcoming atmosphere. The staff is known for their efficiency and personal touch, enhancing the overall coffee experience. The establishment is clean and well-organized, with a calm and peaceful vibe that many find refreshing.

The café is small with limited seating, which might not be ideal for remote work, but it offers a cozy environment for enjoying a cup of coffee. The ambiance is complemented by chill music, making it a pleasant spot to relax. Despite its size, the place doesn’t often feel cramped, though it can get crowded, especially during peak times.

Coffee quality is highly praised, with standout options like cappuccino, drip coffee, cortado, and flat white. The cappuccino, made with a balanced ratio of milk and espresso, is a top contender for the best in the area. The drip coffee is described as fresh and fruity, maintaining its robust flavor even with added milk. Specialty drinks like the iced lavender oat milk latte and the Atomo beanless coffee cortado are also mentioned.

While the café offers a variety of pastries, the focus remains on their exceptional coffee. Pastries like blueberry scones, mini lemon bundts, and cheddar scallion scones are available, though opinions on their quality are mixed. The place also provides some gluten-free pastry options.

In summary, this café is a gem for coffee enthusiasts, offering a range of high-quality beverages in a cozy and friendly setting.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
  • 4.5
Filtered Coffee
Other Coffee Drinks
Milk Availability
Regular Milk

Location Info

Coffee House Size
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Baristas Friendliness
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Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
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Wifi Auth Method
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Area Avg Internet Speed
177.08 Mbps
General Wifi Speed
Not enough data.

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