% Arabica Bangkok QSNCC

10110, Bangkok - Thailand 🇹🇭
🏛️ Iconic Architecture
Different Coffee Blends
No work: enjoy the coffee

What People Say

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The café offers a spacious and cozy indoor seating area around the bar, complemented by a unique % see-saw feature that serves as a great photo spot. The minimalist white monochrome interior design is both elegant and visually appealing. Outdoor seating is ample and shaded, providing a comfortable space to relax, although it can get hot during the day.

The café’s atmosphere is generally good, though it can become crowded, particularly around noon. The layout is suitable for taking photos, with many visitors highlighting the aesthetic appeal of both the indoor and outdoor spaces. However, the indoor area is relatively small with limited seating, which may not be ideal for working with a laptop for extended periods.

The coffee quality is consistently praised, with specific mentions of the dark latte and Iced Kyoto Coffee. The café also offers a variety of coffee blends, including options like Americano and the Kyoto Latte with condensed milk. Despite some comments on the high pricing, the taste and presentation of the beverages are well-regarded.

While there is Wi-Fi available, the limited seating and occasional lack of electrical plugs make it less ideal for remote work. The staff service has received mixed feedback, with some noting a lack of friendliness. Despite this, the overall vibe is positive, and the coffee remains a highlight for many visitors.

Coffee Quality

Espresso Rate
  • 5
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Milk Availability
Regular Milk

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Coffee House Size
Not enough data.
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Work & Study

Electrical Outlets
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Wifi Auth Method
Not enough data.
Area Avg Internet Speed
77.53 Mbps
General Wifi Speed
Not enough data.

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